Broken Shortcuts
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Broken Shortcuts
time to paint:
~ 17 hours.
Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Broken Shortcuts
There are reasons why shortcuts exist. And in this world,
you may chose it once. There is something sinister and
magical that few live to tell.

I'm gonna release 3 versions. Left and Right part (50% each).
And one full sized. Release size: 1600x1200.
Painted for A3 print, 40x30 cm - 300 dpi
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2006.06.13 - 22:53 by patrizia
magico! Da sogno!
2004.06.28 - 13:01 by trillrjejen
så vackert
2004.04.18 - 17:41 by Voodoo Biatch
The feeling... and the window. THe blue and the moon really stands out. Its amazing. I adore the simple touch of light that flikers off the lanturn. So tiny and small and delicate its a fairy tale... truely amazing you captured all. damnyour skills. WTF?! -spazzes- I want a print.
2004.04.17 - 02:20 by Kovo
Awesome job... I love this image, your detail is just.. Amazing.... I love the feel....
2004.01.26 - 14:52 by Vasilisa
Nicklas, you - best. Draw something in this sort!!! Please!!!!!!!
2003.09.16 - 01:12 by Fishmonger
*drool, drool*
mystial, magical and harmonical all at once.
(harmoni.... is misspelled I think)

Love the magical view thru the window , and all it s mystical surroundings

2003.08.09 - 10:46 by Jeff (Mysnapz)
Fantastic image I love the little pockets of detail throughout this image
2003.08.09 - 21:43 by nenne
Fabiluse :) good work Niklas
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