Spacestation D181X
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Spacestation D181X
time to paint:
~ 3 hours.
Adobe Photoshop 7.0
My first true sci-fi painting
About 3 hours in Adobe Photoshop.
*No references used*

I'm not so satisfied, it just wasn't planned. But this came out anyway. I'll call it a speedpainting.
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(fyll i 31337)


2003.09.16 - 15:13 by Elle
Ever thought about doing a picture with lightening
2003.09.09 - 18:09 by seas
i keep seeing two fists in the thumbnail. and now i m seeing a girl in the upper middle... o_O

and now a statue in the middle of the upper part O_O

reminds me more of a floating city, and the 2 parts are the home and work ones. also the center is a huge rotational/energy core for making it rotate, creating the much needed artificial gravity in space. otherwise your bones and stuff decays, mmkay!

2003.08.27 - 04:39 by Anonymous
i would love to learn how to make that :)
2003.08.23 - 00:12 by jma
very cool your fantasy ones too...maybe do one that combines both..that would rock
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