Here is some great resources for more information, inspiration, artwork and help.
I have only gathered a few, worthy sites. The best of each category. Please contact
me if you have a suggestion for a link. Affiliates are welcome too.



Communities are sites where people meet and discuss a similar theme.
Art communities is generally a site where people post art and comments.


  GFXArtist One of the biggest communities, much talent and very inspirational.
  DigitalArt Nice community, large with lots of goodies. Nice gallery functions.
  Epilogue Fantasy and Sci-fi community. High standard, excellent artwork.
  Elfwood Fantasy community, one of the largest, mixed talent.
  DeviantArt Large community covering all genres and medias. Mixed talent.
  Renderosity 2D and 3D community, mostly 3D. Much poser and terragen though.
  Deskstudio Swedish art community, nice friendly place. Great for swedish feedback.
  Art Papa Community with main focus on traditional artwork. Amazing pencil artists.


Forums are sites where you can post your artwork for display or, and to get feedback
on works in progress. You can post comment on other artwork, read about artist techniques
and much more. These forums listed are some of the biggest.


  Sijun The favorite hang-out for great movie and concept artist. High standard.
  CGTalk Concept design and 3d forum. Excellent forum with a lot of nice functions.
  ConceptArt Another big concept forum. Great talent and much inspiration.
  EatPoo Forum that takes on art differently... Funny and strange with a lot of talent.
  WetCanvas Biggest forum for tradtional and mixed media. Now also covers digital.


Here is useful resource list for up-coming artists or artist that want to explore new
techniques and styles. Tutorials can explain the most. Here are links to sites with
alot of tutorials. Check em out. I have some tutorials on my page too :)


  Sumaleth Huge link archive with tutorials, references, artist portfolios and much more.
  CGTalk - Tutorials A thread over at CGTalk, a lot of tutorials has been posted here.
  GFXArtist - Tutorials Some excellent tutorials are also online at GFXArtist. Check em out.

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