About me

As an artist i like to convey realism with a touch of surrealism and fantasy.
Strong emotions and striking messages and a “being there” feeling.

Nicklas Forsberg
26 year
Sweden - Gothenburg
Wacom Intuos A4
Adobe Photoshop
Clouds, nature, art

The past
I’m quite new in the art field, i have alway drawn illustrations and copies of
the real world on paper using pen, rubber and paper. Then i discovered art
on computers when i was like 12 years old, i started doing photomanipulations.

The years went and i begun to make more advanced wallpapers using my
technique with manipulations. I bought a Wacom Intuios A4 drawing board,
and airbrushed my manipulations.

1981, i was born 11 august.

, i started a company called
NALF, i was a consultant that
fixed software-, hardware-, and computerproblems. I designed
web designs, coded intranets and databases. Everything was

2000, i came in touch with the scene by helping groups such
as Crackers in Action, tKC (founder of Phrozen Crew), 9x and
others by doing splashscreens and program designs.
I was done with school and continued to work fulltime at my
company NALF that i started when i was in school.
Being busy with clients i got retired from the scene.

2001 was a slow year for me as an artist, although as a designer
it was excellent. I did several web designs (programmed intranets
and everything), logotypes, dtp designs and alot more.

2002, i discovered airbrushing paintings and started to
paint My first paintings was “
Skalle” and the greyscale
portrait “
Francesca”. I joined an artgroup called Eqate and
went back to the scene this time with a pack of experience.

2003, i have tried to nail down my style. I try different techniques
and themes. I discovered a landscape/seascape
style of my own
as i started painting without references.

Let’s see what the future brings...


Nicklas Forsberg

All paintings are protected by copyright laws. 2002-2007, Nicklas Forsberg - NALF
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