Slipping Away
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Slipping Away
time to paint:
~ 15 hours.
Adobe Photoshop CS2
This is "Slipping Away", i sometimes feel that i would be able to give someone i love the whole earth.. so now i can

Painted in Adobe Photoshop CS2, with an wacom intuos A4 drawing board. About 15 hours.
No references or photos.
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2009.05.13 - 15:12 by Bara
you re cool!
2006.05.25 - 23:50 by Aksel
Verkiligen snyggt detaljerad faständå enkel på något vis.
Det häftigaste är vattnet som slår mot händerna och rinner ner.

2006.03.21 - 05:20 by Andrew Richie
I thought you would relate it to an environmental issue but you thought of something completely different. Nice work.
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