Before the War
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Before the War
time to paint:
~ 36 hours.
Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Before the War - Ed. 3
A war is approaching in the world of fairytales and unnamed creatures.

- Time: ca 36 hours.
- Tool: Adobe Photoshop, Wacom A4.
- A3 Print ready - 300 dpi.
- Except a horse study, no references used.

PLEASE view the FULLSIZE edition! Thank you
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2004.12.13 - 09:36 by timmys kompis ;)
fan va grymma bilder!!! :D
ha d bra

2004.07.05 - 11:44 by lisa
jag bara älskar dom små detaljerna... speciellt fåglarna. Dom är så vackra
2004.06.09 - 05:10 by nefariouschick
wow!!! i m so jealous...great work!!
2004.04.01 - 02:25 by Tripel
Helt otrolig.
2004.03.21 - 20:01 by Gothdarling
wow vilken bild. Men som "häst-människa" gillar jag inte hästen alls..:D Men man tänker inte mycket på det...Enormt vackert fantasivärld. Söta fåglar. :>
2004.01.16 - 23:37 by rachie
this pic is awesome... there s only one thing that bothers me. The eye is too high up on the head and does not really look realistic like the rest of the picture. Beautiful the rest of the picture though
2004.01.02 - 21:16 by Victor Gustafsson (Habo)
De här är typ den snyggaste du har gjort ;D ! du måste göra nåt liknande o skick till mej ! =) CyA !
2003.12.03 - 15:22 by brorsan
2003.11.28 - 18:23 by Liliane
very good, very realistic! good job!
2003.11.21 - 15:10 by la gata ganster
bro u did a good job keep it up
2003.11.13 - 09:35 by venku
hi, very nice goob yrr
your job is very nice i cant imagn that this also 36 hours nice

my id is

2003.10.28 - 12:39 by Forsak3n
although the picture is real nice, it has some flaws in it, like the rays that are sliding off of the clouds, are not in proportion with the moon. the dark clouds beneath the fairly white clouds give it a reflection as it the clouds were floating on water, which is awkward
2003.09.22 - 21:59 by Syrran...=) Alexandra
Fy fan va grym du e alltså!!!!....Jävlar om man kunde rita så!!...Haha...skitsnyggt..
2003.09.21 - 13:07 by Jakob Kallin
Superb sky, lovely horse and as usual a nice, dark forest with lots of mushrooms. Great work!
2003.09.21 - 21:57 by brorsan
helt enkelt skitsnygg
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