Speedpainting 2003.07.24 - "Fish"
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Speedpainting 2003.07.24 - "Fish"
time to paint:
~ 1 hours.
Adobe Photoshop 7.0
50 min, pre-study for a upcoming underwater painting.

Painted very systematic, each color has its own layer. I painted like this for use in a tutorial about speedpainting.
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2004.02.26 - 13:29 by Derrick
I keep a lionfish in an aquarium in my room. I hung this pic to the side of the tank for him, much like a young boy hangs up a playboy playmate. Maybe now he ll be more interested in your art then he will be in biting my hand. :) Great Job!
2003.08.14 - 15:36 by anne gustavsson
du är bäst. älskar dig
2003.08.12 - 20:47 by droide
Nice work...I love your technique and your work
2003.08.08 - 15:19 by dhruvsm
again a great ar t work!!!
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