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time to paint:
~ 15 hours.
Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Airbrushed water-/landscape, original artwork. No references used.
Created in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom Intuios A4.

Took about 15 hours.
Printing ready, A3 300 dpi.
Wallpaper ready, 1600x1200 and below.

*Note this version is cropped 50% in width, and some in heigth. Resized from 1600x1200 to 560 in width.*
For Best view use the links below.
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2009.05.25 - 15:43 by renee
snygg, kram mamma
2006.02.25 - 22:53 by Victor (Kusinen)
Nice Niklas . Skulle vilja ha denna i mitt rum som tavla . :D Fett snygg .
2005.05.28 - 17:25 by renra ( in Brazil )
evergrey is very good.... the faces touches... I very more tanned of the sound of them... I loves heavy metal
Traduction: evergrey é muito bom.... os caras tocam muito...eu curti de mais o som deles...eu amo heavy metal...

2005.05.22 - 22:55 by soto
Este tipo de arte representa muchas cosas con solo ver una sola imagen, esta de huevos....Arriba el Metal.
2004.08.16 - 20:38 by Stephaney Brister
This is beautiful....
2004.05.20 - 20:39 by cluelessconnie
2003.10.13 - 21:20 by Alexandra...
alltså...Fy fan va grym du e..haha..har sagt d innan.....Fy jävlar alltså!!......ha d gött...å fortsätt att måla!!!
2003.09.09 - 21:26 by brorsan
lär mig det där
2003.07.20 - 01:59 by Myron
I got here from Gaphic Forums. Being a water color artist, with an interst in this type of computer painting your techniques were very helpful to me.
And your works, full sized, are outstanding.
Thanks for sharing.

2003.07.06 - 07:36 by Fuchs
Tutorial please?!!!!
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