Scream - Life is agony
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Scream - Life is agony
time to paint:
~ 2 hours.
Adobe Photoshop 7.0
This is actually a quickie, 2 hours.
But i liked it so much.

I made it because i had some feelings in me that sucked and i needed to express myself.
Perhaps that's why i like it.

Adobe Photoshop.
Wacom Intuios A4.

ps.. i know that the pill is very very small..

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(fyll i 31337)


2004.08.27 - 01:32 by crustian
actually, a stilnoct IS that small... tja foppa!
2004.07.03 - 21:19 by Joanna
SJUKT SNYGG....fett apsnygg...,HAHA
2004.02.26 - 13:23 by Derrick
Reminds me a bit of the movie Frightners. Only that movie really sucked. I really dig the graphic bro. Out of curiosity what pill is he taking?
2004.02.08 - 23:24 by sara forsberg
fan va snygg!
2003.09.07 - 23:11 by Cilsh
Über snygg bild... :DDD
2003.07.15 - 23:03 by mysnapz
fantastic idea really simple yet so powerful
2003.06.10 - 21:19 by spag
wow. Fuckin' wow
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