Refugee v2
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Refugee v2
time to paint:
~ 10 hours.
Adobe Photoshop 7.0
This is a couple month old, i have never been quite satisfied with it.
I like the hair and clothes, perhaps because it was one of the first attempts.

This is how it get if you dont start by planning the background or sketch it
into your portrait. The background is just some quick nonsense just so i dont submit it totaly black.

About 10 hours, used a Wacom Intuios and Adobe Photoshop.
Photo reference for the child was used.

I was hoping that i could fix the shading and skin problems, but i
dont have the will to do it. So i know about the problems.

Anyhow, enjoy.
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2006.06.18 - 14:37 by Resk
Was just about to comment the skin-tones until i read the last part ;). I know how that feels. Anyway s nice work!
2004.04.20 - 03:23 by midnightrhose
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