Untouched Landscape
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Untouched Landscape
time to paint:
~ 14 hours.
Adobe Photoshop 7.0
My first landscape painting, made in Adobe Photoshop using a Wacom Intuios A4.

Started 03.01.18 - 22.00
Finished 03.01.19 - 07.10
Long fun evening

Update, added more detail, more depth, better water.
Final version!

This is 50% of worksize, 300 dpi.

I would love all comments, CCs and suggestions as this is my first landscape/background image.

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2005.02.11 - 17:45 by Syraxus
2004.07.12 - 03:11 by Night
looks awesome but as a noobie tryin to get to where u are i gotta ask how u did u achieve the detail on the water splashing like that? if u dont mind tellin me ur secret then email me at S_mor24@hotmail.com plz if not then its all good ill figure it out one day :D

2004.07.03 - 21:08 by Joanna
Tja Nicklas! Som du sa....LÄNGESEN!!! Jag kom att tänka på den framsida som du gjorde till vår sagobok, som vi skrev när vi gick i 7an eller nåt! Snacka om UTVECKLING!!! Du är verkligen grym! JAg måste säga att jag inte är så förvånad ändå....man visste att du skulle syssla med målning och sånt! För det är ju dumt att skita i sitt kall!! GRYMT..verkligen....galnast credden till dig!! //Joanna
2004.06.27 - 20:58 by Camilla
Wow, skitfint ju. :] Nu blir jag lite avis. Tänk om man kunde göra sånna bilder.. ^^
2004.04.20 - 03:35 by midnightrhose
i have found my favorite one in your gallery. absolutely beautiful. i love it.
2003.10.07 - 15:58 by mechaniac
it sure looks very nice

and its got that non-CG-look

2003.09.16 - 14:55 by Elle
this is really cool why havnt you posted this on elfwood its really great. the line detail is really, really good :)
2003.09.13 - 04:15 by Deathsoul
it was amazing!!!! fantastic!!! keep it up bro.... :)
2003.06.23 - 05:04 by janko
Are you selling prints? If not, go look at deviantprints.com. The paintings in your  Concepts  bar would sell like hotcakes. Especially the waterfall at the bottom.
2003.03.30 - 17:31 by David Nyström
Gott naffe
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