Before The War - FINAL
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Before The War - FINAL
time to paint:
~ 45 hours.
Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Finally this is the fifth and final version of my Before the War painting. Many improvements, a remake of the sky, color variations, unicorns eye and neck, shading and some other details are fixed.

This took 40+ hours in Adobe Photoshop using a Wacom Intuos A4. Its original size is about 5000 pixel high in 300dpi. A3+ print ready. Original concept.

I have saved about 20+ step by step pictures on how i created this painting. See links or visit my portfolio for more information.

Hope you like.
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(fyll i 31337)


2006.04.11 - 06:38 by Anonymous
the sky is great, but i think the bird kind of stole the focus from the moon, especially with the contrasting color of the red wing. perhaps a bright star migh have been more effective... i feel the bird on the rock and the one in the tree were enough to make the point of nature... the composition of the sky is very well done.
2006.04.02 - 00:26 by Gemini
it looks very nice :)

i especially like the sky, clouds, and mountain, the colouring is so nice ^_^

2006.03.08 - 12:19 by mohanad
love it, it s so nice. like the grass and the birds. the bg are also very beautiful.
it ll be nice to learn how to make such grass ans flower :)

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