Desirable Thirst
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Desirable Thirst
time to paint:
~ 36 hours.
Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Finaly a new painting, this was was massive. This was painted in 300 dpi and 6000 pixels wide. The photoshop
file itself was about 150mb.

NOTE this was originaly painted for a 1600x1200 resolution. GFXartist only
support 640 in width so PLEASE click the fullview link below.

Worked on it during:
2003.03.07 -2003.03.12
It took about 34 hours to complete

Photoshop and a Wacom Intuios A4.
No reference used.

Go to the link below to see some draft saves including the big picture.

- View fullsize
- View drafts

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(fyll i 31337)


2006.08.13 - 05:49 by wintersun
This is wonderful! I love it :)
2006.04.18 - 20:29 by flycatcer
It s damn good. I m having too a simple sketch (i just can t draw) of some mountains and i m adding some colors to it by your tutorial.

Great deal man... Hope i can do things like that later.

2005.09.13 - 23:43 by Mahogany
This is so lovely, it is full of energy, yet give a sence of peace. GOOD WORK!!
2004.07.16 - 11:35 by
wow thats sick dude your the man!
i cant draw :)
you sure can man keep it going!!

2004.06.29 - 21:09 by JRPereira
Absolutely fantastic!
2003.09.16 - 00:47 by sdfkgjdfgl;k
2003.09.16 - 15:05 by Elle
this is so amazing how do you do it it s just so amazing wow
2003.08.04 - 16:28 by Nightmare Seraph
This is beyond beautiful. The time was well spent!
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